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Bereavement Group

Bereavement Ministry  
A Bereavement Ministry was reinstated in January 2010 to satisfy an increasing demand for this important service to people in our Parish community who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The demographics of our Parish are such that we are frequently reminded of the reality of Death, and of our Christian responsibility to offer some degree of comfort to those who mourn.
Our Ministry is not confined to Parish members only and is available to anyone in our Englewood community who feels the need to participate in a Bereavement Program that offers spiritual as well as emotional support during the weeks, months or years following the death of a close family member or friend. Our Ministry is run by a small group of dedicated individuals who have been exposed to death and dying in their own lives, who have participated in the good work of Hospice and other Catholic parish bereavement programs, and who have that special empathy that is required in dealing with bereaved persons.  
Bereavement Support Meetings are held  on the last Tuesday of every month at 10 am in one of the classrooms in the Parish Hall. Our approach is simple. We listen to and meditate on the Word of God; we share our experiences in a confidential setting; we discuss the successes and challenges of each passing month; and enjoy rewarding fellowship with new friends in need.  

For further information, see the Weekly Parish Bulletin or call the Parish Office during working hours.