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Elementary and Intermediate

Religious Education Program


The Purpose of the Religious Education Ministry is to assist Parents to provide spiritual formation and education for their youth and children.  The aim is for each child to become acquainted with Jesus, His Teachings, and His Church and Sacraments.  We also hope to enrich Parents in their own continuing Religious Education.

Philosophy and Goal:

The Religious Education Ministry is about all of us, as members of the Body of Christ, learning, witnessing and growing in our Catholic Faith together.  We teach youth, children, and adults what Catholics believe and how we live what we believe.  This Catechesis has three main parts – Sacred Scripture, Church Doctrine and the Church’s Liturgical Year.  Our catechesis is woven together with Sunday Mass, and our Catholic Christian way of life.  Our goal is to support Parents in educating and forming their teens and children in the ways of faith in accord with Church teachings. 

Class Times:

Grades K - 8       Every Tuesday         5:30p.m. - 6:45p.m.  

Classes are held in the Parish Hall. 

Parents are reminded of the obligation that they and their children attend Mass every Sunday. 

The U.S. Catholic bishops have encouraged us to think in terms of "life-long religious education." We never stop learning, we never stop being a witness to Jesus Christ. Religious education is a life long process. This year our Pastor, Fr York, will be providing the parents and/or guardians with religious education enrichment classes at the same time as the children are having their classes.

If you have questions about Religious Education please call or e-mail the Director of Religious Education:

Mr. Jim Brantner      (941) 697-4899 #7012      jbrantner@sfoachuch.com