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Ladies Auxiliary

Council, Assembly and Ladies Newsletter

Ladies Auxiliary


Left to right
Front row:  President Jo Kahler, Lady Helen Anderson
Second row:  Trustee Joanne Sheafer, Trustee Margaret Bauer, Spiritual Director Peg Ulrich, 
Third row:  Deacon Bill Cassidy, Trustee Helen Shirk, Secretary Virginia Aynes, Pastor Richard York


The Ladies Auxiliary meets the 2d Monday of each month. We start off with at 6:00 pm with a Ladies and Knights Social period during which we have a brief class and discussion on a topic while enjoying light snacks. The regular meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Membership in the Ladies Auxiliary organization is open to:

A.  Wives of K of C members in good standing.  (Wife need not be Catholic to join, but would not qualify to hold elective office.)

B.  All widows of K of C members

C.  Mothers and Grandmothers of K of C members and other family members married or unmarried.

D.  All women who are practicing Catholics.

E.  There is also the possibility of suspending the rules for exceptional cases. 

Call the Parish Office for contact information.