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5265 Placida Road
Grove City, FL 34224
P: 941-697-4899
F: 941-697-0602

Priests and Deacons

 St. Francis of Assisi Parish is part of the Diocese of Venice.

 Fr. Adrian Wilde, O.Carm. was Pastor since 9/1/2008.
He left the Parish on 10/6/14 after receiving permission for a sabbatical.   
Fr. Gregory Klein, O.Carm. was Associate Pastor from late June 2012.
He also left the Parish on 11/3/14 and is on a sabbatical.
The Parish is awaiting the appointment
by the Bishop of a New Pastor.  


 Rev. Deacon James T. Burns








 Rev. Deacon William J. Cassidy







  Rev. Deacon Raymond J. Tirelli








Rev. Deacon John L. Costello 

(Retired or Deacon Emeritus)