Adult Team Leader Syllabus for 2018-03-11

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Confirmation Prep (2017-2018)

Adult Team Leader Syllabus for March 11, 2018


10:30 am Mass with Youth - Candidates, Sponsors and Adult Team Church
11:25 am Pastor Calls and Sends Confirmandi, High School Youth and Adult Team Church
11:35 am Juice and Donuts - Joined by Adult Team with Sign-In Parish Center Conference Room
12:00 Noon Prayer LG p102/WB p141 - Pastor and Team / Check Attendance  
12:05 pm Teaching "Decision Point" Session 4 Prayer Parish Center Conference Room
  LG p71 Introduction: Video:  Silence 5 minutes
  LG p72 WB p86 Video: Why Pray?  Q&A p88 4 minutes
  LG p74 WB p90 Video: The Big Question!  Q&A p92 6 minutes
 12:20 pm Small Team with Adult Team/Sponsors Parish Center Classrooms/Conference Room
  Accountability for Self Study WB p164  Self Study:  Puzzle on Relationships 10 minutes
  WB p88 Questions 10 minutes
  WB p92 Questions 10 minutes
12:50 pm Return to Conference Room Parish Center Conference Room
  Confirmation Update 5 minutes
  Apostolic Action - Holy Thursday Procession Luminaries 5 minutes 
1:00 pm Teaching "Love" Parish Center Conference Room
  LG p107 WB p154 Video: What is Love?   12 minutes
  LG p109 WB p158 Video: Your Quest for Love 8 minutes
1:20 pm Teaching "Prayer" Session 4 Parish Center Classrooms/Conference Room
  LG p75 WB p94 Video:  The Prayer Process / Q&A WB p88 12 minutes
  LG p77 WB p98 Video:  The Best Way to Learn / Q&A WB p101 14 minutes
1:50 pm Small Team with Adult Team/Sponsors Parish Center Conference Room
  Exercise LG p81 WB p109 Puzzle on Prayer 10 minutes 
  Questions:  WB p96 14 minutes 
  Questions:  WB p101 14 minutes
2:30 pm Teaching "Decision Point" Session on Meditation Parish Center Conference Room
  LG p79 WB p104 Video:  Decision Point / Reading WB p106 5 minutes
  Journal WB p105 10 minutes