Adult Team Leader Syllabus for 2018-01-28


Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Confirmation Prep (2017-2018)

Adult Team Leader Syllabus for January 28, 2018


10:30 am Mass with Youth - Candidates, Sponsors and Adult Team Church
11:25 am Pastor Calls and Sends Confirmandi, High School Youth and Adult Team Church
11:30 am Snacks - Joined by Adult Team with Sign-In Parish Center Conference Room
11:50 am Prayer WB p243 / Check Attendance  
11:55 am Confirmation Review Parish Center Conference Room
  1.  Confirmation Date:  February ??, 2018  
       *Reminder:  On Confirmation Day, report to Church by 5:45 pm to pick up your robes in the Toddler Room from Arlene Macken  
  2.  Choice of Saint Name - WHO is he/she?  WHY did you choose the name?  
  3.  DOV Study Guide -- Seven Gives of the Holy Spirit and Seven Sacraments  
  4.  Sacrament of Reconciliation - TODAY - Fr. Marcel and next Saturday February 3 at 3:00p  
  5.  Document Preparation (Arlene Macken)  
       a.  Baptismal Certificate and Sponsor Eligibility Certificate  
       b.  Written "Desire for Confirmation" Letter with personal profile and why you want to receive Confirmation  
  6.  Confirmation Mass Booklet (DRAFT) - Nadine Goodrich and Arlene Macken (WB p258)  
       *5 Parts - Presentation/Homily/Renew Baptism/Prayer to Holy Spirit/Anointing  
12:25 pm Teaching "Decision Point" Session 10 Parish Center Conference Room
  WB p264 Video:  Decision Point 8 minutes
12:35 pm Small Team with Adult Team/Sponsors Parish Center Classrooms/Conference Room
  WB p244 What is Confirmation?  /   What is a Sacrament?   8 minutes
  WB p246 Question 3:  Your Understanding of Confirmation   5 minutes
  WB p248 The Power of Preparation:  Sacrament of Reconciliation    10 minutes
1:00 pm Teaching "Confirmation" Parish Center Conference Room
  WB p254 Video: How will Confirm change you?   10 minutes
1:05 pm Confirmation Mass Review and Reconciliation (Fr. Marcel) Church
  Cantors:  Kelsey, Jillian, Olivia (Preparation by Nadine Goodrich, Vangie and RJ Wetzel)  
  Lectors:  Kyra and Jacob (Preparation by Larry and Barbara Norton)  
  Prayers of Petitions:  Deacons  
  Altar Servers:  Zack, Thomas, Michael, Karolyn and Kaitlin, Sydney, Christian, Alex, Philip, Alan (Preparation by Father)  
  Gift Bearers:  Alaina, Briana, Mike R (Preparation by Casey and Twila Cooper)  
  Honor Guard:  Joe Pizzuto and Knights of Columbus  
  Reception/Photographs:  Jim Brantner (Refreshments)/Dan and Jennifer Stanton (Photographs)  
 1:30 pm Small Team with Adult Team/Sponsors Parish Center Classrooms/Conference Room
  LG p174 Tip  
  WB p256 Question 2: Which Give do you need most? 15 minutes
  WB p261 Question 1:  A Question for the Bishop? 10 minutes