Assisi Gardeners

These volunteers, under the direction of Leo Haney, work to keep the Church grounds clean, safe and beautiful. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, please contact Leo Haney at 941-698-1491 for more information or complete the Volunteer Information Request Form.  

Volunteer Information Request Form

I am interested in receiving information and/or talking with a Ministry Leader regarding the following Ministry. I have reviewed the information on the webpage regarding this Ministry and would be interested in speaking with the Ministry Leader.

I understand that if I decide to join in this ministry, I will need to complete a Volunteer Application Form and, as a part of the Diocese of Venice Safe Environment requirements, all volunteers must take a Safe Environment Training program. Some volunteer opportunities involving children and vulnerable adults also require a fingerprint and background check. (The Parish will pay the fee for this).

Please fill in contact information below.

A Ministry Leader will be in contact with you in the immediate future. Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talent.