Pastor's Message - Dress Down Day is Not Sunday at Church

Jul 31, 2018

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Pastor's Message

July 26, 2018

Brothers and Sisters,

When we gather at Mass on Sunday, Catholics believe Jesus is PRESENT in the most profound way -- His REAL Presence.  If this is our belief, how do we prepare to come to Sunday Mass?

It appears to me that dress preparation for Sunday Mass is getting sloppy.  When I look out over the pews of church, I see people dressed in their Sunday Worst.  A friend of mine commented:

"It's a telling culture when the last ones wearing a shirt and tie are the politicians."

Have you lost your sense of awe before the REAL PRESENCE of the Blessed Sacrament in the Catholic Church?  Some people who say it does not matter how you dress for Sunday Mass would change their tune if invited to another event.  For example, if you had the opportunity to meet the Queen of England, you would not show up in at Windsor Castle wearing a T-shirt.

It seems to me that people should have the same reverential attitude when they come to meet God.  Can we agree that your dress reflects the importance you attach to an occasion?  Is it acceptable thinking that since I get to wear flip-flops to Wal-Mart, then I get to wear flip-flops to Sunday Mass?  And since I get to carry coffee into work, I get to carry coffee into Church?

What does our dress for Mass say about respect and honoring God?

Sincerely in the Lord,

Father Richard York



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