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Pastor's Message - Five Ways to Discover Lent

Mar 1, 2018



March 1, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

Here are Five Ways to Discover Lent  adapted from an article by Father Byrne, Pastor of Our Lady of Mercy, Potomac.  Have a good Lent,  Father Richard York



We live in a noisy world, but God speaks in the silence.

This simple phrase from Psalm 46 is

one of the best directions in prayer,

"Be still and know that I am God."

It is a time to quiet and open our hearts to Scripture



To be condo-lent means that where we see suffering we bring meaning.   

Almsgiving or care for the needy is an important part of our Lent,

but our caring for the needy is more than just putting money in the poor box.

It means developing a heart like the Sacred Heart of Jesus.



God made each one of you with specific gifts. Each of us has something to give, but first we

must figure what that talent is and then offer it back to God. Whether it is making soup for the

poor or shopping for a homebound person, what matters is share to your gifts with others.



Do you have clothes that have not been worn in over a year? Do you enjoy a latte or a night

out once in a while? How about cable television. These items are plenty good and deserved

to be enjoyed. These are balanced by a plentiful generosity to spend on gifts of time and

talent for those persons in need.



Lent is not about misery. It's about excellence,

not yours but Jesus' in His generosity and love to suffer and die for us. The journey of Lent a

discovery of how deeply is His Love.  This is a cause for joy more profound than any sorrow

know to humanity.


  • PatPosted on 3/01/18

    Such a concise and instructive message for Lent. Thank you.