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Pastor's Message - Lenten Prayer, Fasting, and Charity

Feb 25, 2018



February 25, 2018


Dear Parishioners,

Our Parish Lenten Mission provided a special opening to our LENT.  Thank you to Father Gabriel Gillen, OP. for preparing us by his preaching.

Our lives are busy!  In our modern world of technology, it is easy to spend days on end without a moment of quiet recollection.  Various electronic devises consume our time and attention from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. While technology has made daily chores less time-consuming, it seems we have less time for what is most important – our communication and communion with God.  Being so caught up in the daily grind, we fail to stop to listen to the voice of God.

Yes, it takes time and effort to build a good marriage, a good family, a good home, and a good career.  We feel satisfied with ourselves when we work hard and go to bed exhausted. However, opportunity of Lent is to focus on the Kingdom of God, as we heard on Ash Wednesday – “to repent and believe in the Gospel.

So many distractions in this world will seek to pull us away to spend our time on things, which are passing and not lasting.  LENTEN prayer, fasting, and charity strengthen our communion with Jesus Christ.  If we do not speak to friends, we will soon have none!  If we do not sacrifice by fasting, we will not appreciate the gifts that we have. If we do not share with others “what belongs to us, we will not understand the meaning of charity.

The Apostle Saint Paul describes life as a race to reach the imperishable crown. As in running a race, we need to practice discipline and condition our body. So too in our spiritual life.  Lent is the time to form that spiritual training program with time for prayer, fasting, and a practice of charity.

Sincerely in the Lord,

Father Richard York, your Pastor


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