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Pastor's Message - Religious Freedom

Jun 23, 2018

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Pastor's Message


June 22, 2018


Brothers and Sisters,

Friday, June 29, we honor two of our greatest Saints:  Saint Peter and Saint Paul.  On many occasions both Saint Paul and Saint Peter found themselves in danger when they publicly practiced their Catholic Faith.

One temptation we face today is to think that serious challenges to our faith are something from ancient days, like Daniel and the lion’s den.

However, challenge to our faith happens today! 

It happens when, like the Apostles, we publicly practice what we preach.

Some people are not aware how serious the danger is.  Many people don’t think that religious liberty would ever be challenged in our country.  But this is naïve. 

No, we don’t face the “lion’s den”, but the secular is eroding the sacred in our community – religious freedom is being challenged and this has consequences in the future especially for our youth.

In the face of this challenge, we have an opportunity not only to stand up for our religious freedom, but also to remind others of God’s Call for us to publicly live our Catholic Religion – to bring the sacred into the secular world.

During these 14 days of our annual Fortnight for Freedom (Thursday, June 21 to Wednesday, July 4), we celebrate Saints Peter and Paul, and also the great martyrs who remained faithful despite persecution by political power – Saint John Fisher, Saint Thomas More, and Saint John the Baptist.  This year’s theme is “Freedom to Bear Witness.”

Next Wednesday we celebrate our Nations Birthday.  In the 4th of July spirit, let us all take the opportunity to renew or commitment to true freedom and liberty by being instruments of God’s life in the world.

Pastor’s Question of the Week:  Do you pray for the gift of courage for the Church, Pope Francis, our Bishop, Pastor, and for yourselves each day?

Next week after reading and meditating, I will offer a message on the importance of Religious Freedom.

God Bless Us,

Father Richard York, your Pastor


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