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Pastor's Message - Scrutinys

Mar 10, 2018


Pastor's Message

March 9, 2018




Brothers and Sisters,

At the weekend Masses next week, we will pray the Third Scrutiny.  These are the Rites of the Church on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Sundays of Lent.

As I wrote previously, the purpose of Scrutinys is for those preparing to be Baptized but also for us, the baptized, to RENEW our Baptismal Promises.

“Scrutiny” is a word from the old English meaning, to examine very carefully; to look closely at our life. (To scrutinize).

To help us Scrutinize and RENEW our Promises of Baptism, the Catholic Church uses the 3 great Conversion Gospels from the Cycle A Sunday Lectionary.  These are The Samaritan Woman at the Well - John 4; The Man Born Blind – John 9; and The Raising of Lazarus – John 11.

There are three parts to the Rite: Silent Prayer, Special Intercessions, and the Prayer of Exorcism with the Anointing with Oil of the Catechumens.    Last week I wrote about “Exorcism” and today I offer you a teaching about the Anointing with Oil of Catechumens.

There are 3 different Oils consecrated by the Bishop during the Chrism Mass in Holy Week.  The Oil of the Sick, Oil of Catechumens, and Sacred Chrism.  (Sacred Chrism is used at Baptism, Confirmation, and Priesthood).

The Priest anoints the Catechumens with the Oil of Catechumenate and prays for Divine strength for each of them to be protected from evil and to pray for their dependence on God.

Our prayer is that God will strengthen us who are already Baptized Disciples as we prepare to Renew our Baptismal Promises at Easter.

Sincerely in the Lord,

                    Father Richard York, your Pastor






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