Charisms - Day of Connection

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Church Ministry Coordinators

Day of Connection - Newsprint Notes by Small Teams



  1. Prayer, Solitude, and Scripture
  • Prayer is intentional surrender to God. Let go, let God.
  • The goal of prayer is COMMUNION with God.
  • Build a habit of Prayer. Practice makes perfect.
  • In solitude and silence, you may find that God speaks to you.
  • Mass/Adoration/Lectio Divina
  • How does God speak to me? Through His written WORD.
  • Use USCCB site to join in daily readings with Catholics all over the world.
  1. Poverty and Simplicity
  • Saint Francis relinquished goods and the need to be right.
  • Do you own things OR do things own you?
  • The more things that you have the more things you need to protect and defend.
  • Never get so attached to things that loss will affect your life.
  • Give gifts with no strings attached.
  • We are stewards of life, not owners.
  • Loose the phrase “that is not the way we do it here.” Be open to change.
  1. Hospitality and Deep Joy
  • Joy is not “happy.” Joy is deeply knowing God.
  • Everyone is made in the image of God / see Jesus in every face.
  • Every encounter is an encounter with Jesus even when the other person is difficult.
  • All creates are mediators of God’s grace.
  • Francis saw even the smallest thing in creation and think “isn’t God amazing.”
  • Creation is proof of God’s existence.
  1. Redemptive Suffering
  • Francis welcomed death.
  • He would say that you live until your work is done.
  • We don’t have to look for our cross, we experience our cross daily.
  • We have hope in the resurrection.
  • Share in the struggles of others. Reach out and help.
  1. Ministry that Changes Hearts
  • We do not DO ministry; we serve others in the name of Jesus.
  • Every encounter offers the possibility of conversion.
  • Arguing the truth does not work; people are convinced by witness.
  1. Respect for All Life
  • Respect HUMAN life from conception to death.
  • Every person is sacred, made in the image of Christ.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude.
  • Pay attention, vote and be active in the causes for Respect Life.
  1. Pardon and Forgiveness
  • Forgiveness is not a moment but a journey.
  • Forgive others and ourselves.
  • When we confess in the Sacrament, through the Sacramental Power of Absolution, our sins are “take away” – they are gone.
  • There is NO separation between the Church and the Sacraments.
  • We cannot separate the Sacraments from the Church.
  • The Church is the body of Christ from whom we receive the divine Sacramental Power.
  • When you make a mistake, admit it and then let it go.