Charisms - Verbal Responses - Day of Connection

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

Church Ministry Coordinators

Day of Connection -- Verbal Responses from Small Teams


  1.  Bible Prayer/Solitude and Adoration
  • Start each meeting and each Ministry with a GOSPEL-based prayer.
  • Attend Mass as the beginning of Ministry.
  • Start meetings in Church with 15 minutes of Prayer and Adoration.
  • Teach, through the website or bulletin, the meaning of Adoration.
  • Communicate to those unable to attend Mass that their Ministry is Prayer.
  • Remind parishioners of the Prayer Request Book.
  • Consider developing a Bible Prayer Ministry. Present Lectio Divina.
  • Use USCCB website to participate in the daily Gospel with Catholics around the world.
  • Provide good training for Lectors.
  • Invite those attending Mass to follow the readings by announcing the page.
  1.  Poverty and Simplicity
  • Welcome new parishioners.
  • Address negativity.
  • Support change.
  • Learn how to “detach” from possessions.
  1.  Hospitality and Deep Joy
  • Welcome snowbirds.
  • Listen to the needs of our parishioners.
  • Send note to those who are ill stating we are praying for them.
  • Welcome new parishioners – develop a plan for personal contact/introduction at Mass.
  • Introduce yourself when you see a new person.
  • Make home visits to new parishioners if they would welcome it.
  • Have IDs made for new parishioners to wear at Church so they are recognized.
  • Put names of new parishioners in bulletin.
  1.  Redemptive Suffering
  • Teach the need for forgiveness in each encounter.
  • Be compassionate/send a note that we re praying for them.
  1.  Ministry that Changes Hearts
  • Lead by example.
  • Invite people to Ministry.
  • Participate in Ministry.
  • Listen.
  • Teach sacredness of Holy Communion. 
  1.  Respect for All Life
  • Your respect may be the final gift that a person receives.
  • Teach using website and bulletin.
  • Develop a “hot line” concerning needs.
  • Spend time discussing the letters of Pope Francis on Life.
  1.  Pardon and Forgiveness
  • Judge actions and behavior but do not be judgmental against the person.
  • God forgives all when we are truly sorry.