Invitation to Day of Connection

Saint Francis of Assisi Church

5265 Placida Road

                       Grove City FL 34224                      

June 15, 2017

Dear SFOA Church Ministry Leader,

Thank you for your generosity as a Church Ministry Leader.  Your dedication of time and effort is a blessing for our Parish.  For the last two years, through your role as a Ministry Leader we have set goals for Prayer, Study, Ministry, and Fellowship (Welcoming, Worshiping, and Witnessing).  This year we will continue to build on this foundation.

As we prepare for the third year of our Parish Plan, I am happy to announce and invite you personally to a Day of Connection for Church Ministry Leaders.  The Parish Pastoral Council is host of this event and seven Ministry Leaders have been appointed to assist in the planning.

This day will introduce our Parish goal to CONNECT more deeply and publicly our very active Ministry to a Prayer Life.  Our Parish is already an active parish; it is very rich in generosity of time, talent, and treasure.  However, it is my experience as a Priest for 45 years, 20 as Pastor, that it is a challenge to build BOTH prayer and action together in our life as Volunteers. 

We began a Parish Plan two years ago. Last year virtually all of us have viewed the power point presentation depicting and explaining the Charisms of our Patron, Saint Francis of Assisi.  Inspired by His Call to “Build My Church”, each of us involved our Volunteers in a project to identify and reflect these special Charisms in a Parish LOGO and Ministry MOTTOS.

Learning of the Charisms of our Patron and CONNECTING these to a LOGO and MOTTO are the beginning steps.  The Call and Charisms of our Patron’s Prayer, Solitude, and Suffering go above and beyond the creationism culturally presented in his popular image. The next step is together to CONNECT these more deeply to our own prayer and ministry and more publicly transmit these to all our Volunteers.  This is the central focus of this year’s Parish Plan.  The LOGO and Mottos provide the “Charism Theme” for the Renewal Day and will provide the context of our Goals for the year. Next year we can focus on skills, Ministry Handbook, etc.   

The details of the day:  Saturday September 23 from 8:15am through to and including 4:00pm Vigil Mass.  The day begins with a Continental Breakfast and later a hot Lunch. Our 35 Ministry Leaders will gather at the Church at 7:45am and carpool to Placida Harbour on Placida Road and return as a group for 4 o’clock Mass. The Facilitator for the day is Dr. Mary Carter-Waren, Associate Professor, School of Ministry, St. Thomas University, Miami, Florida

With prayer, vision, dedicated work, and creativity, please join me your Pastor, so together we can CONNECT more deeply and publicly our very active Ministry to our Prayer Life.

Sincerely in the Lord,


Father Richard York, Pastor  

Bob Barrett, Parish Pastoral Council Chair            

Jeanette Lindish, Pastoral Assistant for Evangelization