Invitation to the Patronal Feast Day of our Parish Mass


Dear Parishioners,

At this time of the year, we prepare to celebrate the Patronal Feast Day of our Parish, Saint Francis of Assisi. On Wednesday, October 4 at 6:30pm, a special Mass is scheduled in our Church. Please plan to attend!  

Who was our Patron?  How much do we know about him?  We all are aware that the icon of Saint Francis is always depicted with the birds and other animals of creation. Most of us associate Saint Francis with love of animals.  However, his call, his vocation, his charism was so much more.

While taking a walk through the fields, Francis came upon the little, broken down church of San Damiano. He entered the ruined sanctuary and knelt to pray before an ancient icon of the Crucifix. He heard Jesus speak to his heart through the Gospel and from the Crucifix say to him,

"Francis, go and build up My house, which as you can see is falling down."

Saint Francis immediately began to repair the old church of San Damiano.  However, he misunderstood what God was asking. Finally, through prayer Saint Francis realized that the "house" Our Lord wanted him to repair was actually His Church. People had fallen away from the Sacraments and needed someone to invite and encourage them to return. Saint Francis began to preach the Gospel in word and action.  

God gave Francis “charisms” to help in his Ministry.  What is a “Charism”?  The word CHARISM means a gift of the Holy Spirit given to an individual or to a community to build up the Kingdom of God through Church Ministry.

His first charism was praying with the Bible. Saint Francis of Assisi heard the Lord's voice in prayer with the bible and in silent prayer. If we are to hear God’s voice, we need to find time to listen to His VOICE, meditate on the Gospels, and take time for silence before the Blessed Sacrament.

This weekend our Church Ministry Coordinators participated in a Day of Connection. A day to name, meditate, and discuss how to CONNECT the charisms of our Patron Saint, Saint Francis of Assisi to our Parish Ministry.

Through the intercession of our Patron, it is important that we learn about his other gifts in order to do what Jesus asks that we also, Build my Church.

May God bless,  

Father Richard York, Pastor