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Advent and the Nature of the Church

Christ comes in history, in mystery, and in glory.

The Immaculate Conception: A Gift for You

Mary isn’t chosen because she’s so great; she’s so great because she’s chosen.

To Jesus Through Mary? Why Yes, and T’was Ever Thus!

Christ came to us through Mary’s own flesh and blood—and science tells us that a bit of his cellular being remained there.

Show Me the Father

For one mother pursuing a a facade of perfection, Eucharistic Adoration provided the truth.

Even This Cannot Stop True Love

We desire to love and be loved with a love that never ends.

Camping with Opinionists

In a time of outrage, it is the contemplative that stands out.

Smash the Television Set?

Could smashing—or at least temporarily stashing—your TV pave the way for something better?

Amidst Our Apocalypse, Advent Asks Us to Stay

Advent begs something of you, even if you don't want to be Catholic anymore.

Faith, Reason, and a Washing Machine

All analogies limp, but here is how a laundry room can help explain the harmonious relationship of faith and reason.

Christians Can’t Just Love Their Neighbor

We cannot love God fully without loving our neighbor, and we cannot love our neighbor fully without loving God.