Parish News - Congratulations to the Parish Women's Guild Grant Winners!


Thank you to all of the wonderful participants of the Parish Women’s Guild Higher Education Grant Scholarship program.  We have read through some amazing essays and have seen a tremendous amount of sharing.  It was hard to pick a winner from the group of finalists but we have done it.  This year we gave out $6,500.00 to go towards their higher education.

The winners of the 2018 Parish Women’s Guild Higher Education Grant Scholarship are:


New Applicants

Kellie Conlon

Samantha DiPiazza

Trinity O’Rourke

Madison Schuh

Madison VanSlambrouck



Jacob Cooper

Michael Coronite

Alexandria DiPiazza

Rachel Stone

Jeovani Veloz


We are very proud of these young Catholic men and women.

Please congratulate the winners!

Sincerely in Christ,


Father Richard York, Pastor

Geraldine Chesney, Parish Women’s Guild Director

Judy Couture, Parish Women’s Guild Ministry Coordinator

Beth Hammond, Youth Ministry