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Parish News - Saint Francis of Assisi Needs You - Volunteer Now!

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time

 They just have the heart! 

Please Consider Volunteering!


I believe “HEART” is exactly what volunteering is all about.

Even though our days are filled with errands and chores, lunches and activities,

Volunteering touches our hearts and makes us feel that we have made a difference?


When I see the Volunteers taking EUCHARIST to the Homebound and Nursing Care,

I know that they have brought Jesus into the life of the alone and suffering.


When I observe the Catechists providing Religious Education to our youth,

I see the joy on their faces and on the faces of the children.


When I meet someone who has joined our Bereavement Ministry,

I see comfort fill their heart and they no longer feel alone in this world.


When I talk with our Outreach Volunteers, I hear the stories of persons in need.

I see the food that is distributed to the hungry; I say thanks for the help they receive.


         When I see the Arimatheans at our Funeral Masses. I give thanks knowing

that those grieving have prayers from our Parish at their most vulnerable time.


When we give as a Volunteer, we also receive. You also get to know our Parish.

There is even evidence from scientific studies that volunteering is good for your health.


“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”


Are you feeling like there is “something missing?”

Are you blessed with a good life and feel it is time to reach out and help another?


Saint Francis of Assisi Church



Father Richard York, Pastor