Parish Pastoral Council


A Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a way for the Church to consult and involve the laity of the Parish. A “representative body” (its members mirroring the Parish in terms of age, ethnicity, gender, etc.), the Parish Pastoral Council nourishes a spiritual vision of the Church in the modern world.


The Parish Pastoral Council through prayer and planning has the role of investigating the pastoral reality, reflecting and discerning how well the Parish is living Christ’s Mission, and recommending goals to address areas for improvement.  

The three basic responsibilities are therefore:

  1. To discern the depth of lived faith, unity, and participation in the Parish
  2. To research the needs and the ideas to build the faith community;
  3. To recommend the goals and means and ways to implement a Parish Plan


The Parish Pastoral Council prepares and regularly reviews the Parish Plan and its Goals. It conducts a Parish needs assessment in the areas of prayer; liturgy; evangelization; and stewardship; Catholic education for children, youth, and adults.

It identifies and defines the Parish goals and sets broad strategies for implementing those goals year by year.

The Parish Pastoral Council is the visionary group of the Parish. Its purpose is to implement the Parish Plan.


2017-2018 Parish Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an organized body of appointed, elected, and volunteer parishioners who meet monthly on the third Monday of the month at 3:30 PM to address the pastoral needs of the parish. 

For more information about the Council, contact the person(s) listed below.

  • Chairperson:  Bob Barrett, 941.697.3629
  • Councilor (1 Year):  Ken Dunn, 941.698.0429
  • Councilor (1 Year):  Casey Cooper, 317.774.4444
  • Councilor (1 Year):  Gina Dickerson, 941.698.1852
  • Councilor (2 Year):  Ed Morris, 941.830.8739
  • Councilor (2 Year):  Don Kasson, 513.604.4334
  • Parish Finance Council Liaison:  Larry Norton, 716.238.3402