PCM - 2018-2019 Letter to Adult Confirmation Prep Team


Pope Francis said to Catechists, “Catechesis is a pillar for education in faith. Even though at times it may be difficult, it is necessary to work hard, educating in faith is good! We are being asked not to tire of teaching the key message, the first proclamation: the Lord Jesus is risen, the Lord Jesus loves you, and he has given his life for you; risen and alive, he is close to you and waits for you every day.  We must never forget this.” “And so, dear catechists, dear brothers and sisters,” concluded Pope Francis, “may the Lord give us the grace to be renewed every day by the joy of the first proclamation to us.”

Dear Partners in Ministry,

The heart of our Religious Education Program is the dedication of our Catechists and Assistants.  We are very grateful to you for giving up your time and talent to help spread the Gospel message and teach the youth by your word and example the beauty and truth of our Catholic Faith.  Our Confirmation program encourages our youth’s faith growth and maturation through prayer, study and service.

The first gathering for Confirmation Preparation will be Sunday, September 9, 10:00am Mass to 2:10pm. Confirmation sessions will take place every second Sunday of each month from 10:00am to 2:10pm.  We begin with the Mass for Youth at 10:00am, followed by an Apostolic Action; then Pancake Breakfast at 11:10am; the Teaching begins at 11:35am and ends at 2:10pm.  The Teaching includes Video, Q & A, and discussion in small teams with Adult Facilitators/Mentors. 

Our program challenges our teens to deepen their Catholic faith and embrace Christ’s mission of service to others in need.  Our goal is to lead our Catholic youth and families to grow in their intimate communion to Jesus Christ, receive the SACRAMENTS, and live as active, committed members of the Catholic Church.

More information on the way.  May God bless you and your families during this year.

Sincerely in the Lord, 


Father Richard York, Pastor                                             Jim Brantner, DRE