Baptism Program and Policy

The baptismal program and policy at Saint Francis of Assisi is multifaceted. The first step is to complete the Baptism Registration form, click here to access form, and return it to the parish office as soon as possible. You may call the office and inform us of your desire to have your child baptized and the Baptism information packet can be picked up or we can mail it to you. You can also complete the forms at the bottom of this page.

Parents are expected to be registered and active members of the parish.  You may be contacted by a member of the clergy (Pastor or Deacon) to arrange a suitable time when you can meet for a short interview.

Parents, would you please have each of your prospective godparents fill out the Baptism Sponsor Eligibility Form, click here to access form (print the form from the link provided), have the certificate signed by their parish pastor with the church seal and return it to the Saint Francis of Assisi parish office no later than two (2) weeks prior to your scheduled baptism.

Baptism Workshop
Attendance at a baptismal workshop may be required for parents and godparents. These workshops are held throughout the year. Through short presentations, video, discussion and personal reflection, participants are invited to delve more deeply into the meaning of our baptismal faith. If you have already attended a workshop within the past three (3) years, you would not be required to attend again. You can call the parish office to get the Baptism workshop schedule.

Godparent Eligibility
The church has some very clear guidelines in regards to godparents. In addition to the expectations of the culture and of the families involved, the Catholic church requires the following of godparents:

  • You must designate them, and they must be willing to help your child lead a Christian life in harmony with baptism and fulfill the obligations connected with it.  The Church only requires there be one Godparent but traditionally two Godparents are chosen. One Godparent must be Catholic. If you choose a person who is not a Catholic, then that person should be a practicing Christian, and is described officially as a Christian Witness (see definition below).

  • They must be at least sixteen years of age and mature enough to undertake this responsibility.

  • They must be Catholics who have received the three sacraments of initiation, namely: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation.

  • They should be active members of a Catholic parish.

  • They will have to provide a letter from their parish to attest that they are active members, and have attended a Baptism class, and meet any other necessary requirements.

Christian Witness
While it is ideal that parents select two Catholic godparents, the church only requires that there be one Godparent. A baptized non-Catholic may serve as a “witness” to the ceremony, as long as a Catholic godparent is present. The non-Catholic who is selected as a witness should be an active member of his/her church community. The sex of the witness need not be opposite that of the Catholic godparent.

During the ritual, a non-Catholic witness at a Catholic baptism may perform all the parts of the ceremony that a godparent does. His or her name may be entered into the parish register as a witness, together with the name of the godparent. An official witness must be baptized with water to be eligible as an official witness.  A person who was baptized in the Catholic faith and has converted to another religion cannot act as a Christian Witness.

Are you registered with Saint Francis of Assisi?
Have you officially registered yet as a member of Saint Francis of Assisi?  If not, then we do not have any way of being in contact with you. To register means to fill out a Parish Registration Form, click here to access the form, complete form and submit. Or you can call the Parish Office at 941.697.4899 and they will send you the forms to fill out.