Prayer Request by Lorraine

Sep 29, 2019

Date 09/29/2019 02:55:02 pm
Your Name: Lorraine
Your Prayer Request: Please pray for my husband, Allan, who is so very sick. In addition, to having been diagnosed with a lung disease - bronchiectasis on July 4th, Allan has been diagnosed with a lung infection or superbug; of which antibiotics are unable to eradicate since May of this year. Pray that his bronchoscopy/biopsy of the lung, which is scheduled for this Tuesday will have benign results. And that his chronic lung disease will not be life-threatening, once stabilized; and that he will have a good quality of life. Please pray that God will ease his fears, pain, nausea, labored breathing and grant him the energy back that he used to have. Please pray that God will make him healthy again. Thank you.
Please make a selection. I would like to ask that everyone pray for my request or intention.