PLM - Church Environment

The Church Environment Ministry creates an environment in the Church and sanctuary area that is tasteful, welcoming, simple, beautiful, and points all to the wonder and awe of God.  It helps to create a space which enhances our encounter with the living God through our liturgies.

The dedicated members of this ministry meet as needed to prepare for the specific liturgical seasons. The Church Environment Ministry works with talented volunteers to select flower arrangements that enrich our worship space.  In addition to plants and flowers, the Church Environment Ministry use a wide variety of items to enhance the liturgies; items such as religious vessels, banners, pots, ribbons, cloth, wood and dried foliage. The Church Environment Ministry does not have regularly scheduled meetings. Meeting periodically, according to the upcoming liturgical season, is how the Church Environment Ministry prepares.

The Church Environment Ministry always is looking for new members. This team is always looking for people with sewing skills, with flower arrangement skills, people with a good eye for a tasteful atmosphere.  We need many helping hands during the busy seasons preparing for Easter and Christmas.

Anyone interested in being part of this ministry may contact Mary Pope via email at [email protected] or by phone at (507) 380-3531 or complete the Volunteer Information Request Form below for more information.