Parish News - 2021 Catholic Faith Appeal

The Catholic Faith Appeal (CFA) is a Diocesan-wide fundraising effort to support programs such as: Pastoral Outreach & Ministries; missions, poor parishes and convents; Catholic Charities; Evangelization; Worship; Respect Life; Peace & Social Justice; Vocations & Seminarians; Catholic Education; Diocesan administrative support services; etc. On an annual basis, parishes in the Diocese of Venice make a required contribution to financially support these efforts. The Catholic Faith Appeal is a means by which all parishioners can take part in helping their parish to meet its contribution. A parish Catholic Faith Appeal goal is determined by the income of the parish and it is not based on the number of registered families because our population grows in the winter months from northern visitors. They greatly add to the success of the Appeal.

The Diocese of Venice has prepared a video outlining various outreach programs supported by the fund collected through the Catholic Faith Appeal. The Diocese was mindful of the good work done by the faithful, and the impact their giving of time, talent and treasure has on the outreach programs offered. To view the video, click on the link below:

2021 Catholic Faith Appeal Video

The theme of the 2021 Catholic Faith Appeal is “The generous will be blessed, for they share... with the poor." ~Proverbs 22:9. This theme incorporates a strong message of stewardship – the idea that all we have is a gift from God and it is our duty to share these gifts with a sense of thankfulness and to fulfill the mission of the Church.

During the 2021 campaign, ALL at Saint Francis of Assisi Parish will be challenged to participate in this opportunity to actively share in and support the many ministries of love and care in our larger Catholic Family.  Our gift helps support the education of seminarians and the work of many religious women and men in the Diocese. It supports the taping and airing of the Diocesan TV Mass and subsidizes the great work of Catholic Charities. Our gift assists in the Prisoner Outreach, Youth and Young Adult Outreach, Family Life Outreach, Respect Life, Peace and Social Justice Office and many others. Our gift supports the Office of Catechesis and the Office of Education. By no means does this list include all the ways in which our gifts bring blessing!!

Let’s now build upon the generosity of one another at Saint Francis Parish. Before anyone makes a gift, please pray.  Pray for all who will be blessed because of the generosity of the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish.  And, pray that ALL at Saint Francis of Assisi Parish will discover the blessing and joy of being generous to others in need through the Catholic Faith Appeal. Please take a most active role as the Saint Francis Faith Community joins together in reaching our assessment of $163,000.  Make your gift or pledge to support the many ministries of the Catholic Church in our 10-county area of southwest Florida.

Many have received a letter along with an offering card and envelope in the mail from the Diocese of Venice.  For those who did not receive a mailing, the pledge cards and envelopes are available at all entrances of the church or Parish Office or you can donate directly through the Diocese of Venice website (select the DONATE NOW button below and please make sure that you select “St Francis of Assisi in Grove City” in the Designation Box.)

Online Giving Donations for Catholic Faith Appeal

Thank you to all who have made a sacrifice for the sake of others beyond our local parish needs!

Pray that we might discover our generosity and the difference we can make!  Let’s truly join together in one generous act of caring love as we reach beyond our parish area and respond to the needs of all in the Diocese of Venice.  Please continue to pray that the hearts of all may recognize our gifts and so discover joy in sharing!

“Give and it will be given to you... For the measure you give will be the measure you get back.” – Luke 6:38. 

Please donate today. Again, please be sure to indicate St. Francis of Assisi Church as your parish.

For information about the Catholic Faith Appeal, CLICK HERE, or if you have any questions, please contact the Parish office at (941) 697-4899.