August 23, 2020


Dear Parishioners,


In the face of the coronavirus, how many of us have made sure our

homebound parishioners have been checked on?


During this time, we have added many, many more parishioners to our

Homebound list in our parish. All of these parishioners, not only are

missing Holy Communion each week, they are missing the community

at large. 


Our Homebound & Healthcare Ministry has been busy making contact

by calling their parishioners that they typically visit weekly in their

homes. This Ministry has been working on any initiative that will help our

homebound during the pandemic. They would like to invite you to join by

participating in a project of writing letters to our homebound

parishioners... those parishioners who are no longer able to attend

Mass or participate in church activities.


So how can you help?  What can you do?  Simple, handwrite a letter to

a homebound parishioner. Send a message of peace, consolation, joy,

or mercy. You can write about stories of personal faith, trusting in

God. You could also share news that has brought you joy or increased

your faith. Be creative with your writing, for example, you could share a

Psalm, Scripture Reading or a Gospel that has touched your heart. 

Perhaps you could write a poem or music lyrics that inspired you or a

story about what you have experienced in your own life. 


You can personalize your letters with a photo of yourself or a picture of

something that has brought you joy in the past. You could also print and

include a copy of the “Prayer Against Coronavirus” and/or the “The

Act of Spiritual Communion Prayer” in your letter. Click the link

above to print a copy of each of the prayers.


So how can you participate? First, pray for all of our homebound

parishioners that our unable to attend Mass at this time. Next, prepare

you letter and contact the Homebound & Healthcare Ministry via an

email to Martha Mingel at [email protected] to get instructions

for mailing. 


Together we can continue building the body of Christ, even during the



Sincerely in Christ,


Father Tony Chemeil

Father Edwin Mathias

Matt Egan, Director of Parish Outreach Ministry

Martha Mingel, Ministry Coordinator, Homebound & Heathcare Ministry