Parish News - Parish Food Pantry Opened!


We believe that it is our calling to be concerned and care for the under-resourced among us.

The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Food Pantry is located in our Parish Center at 5265 Placida Road, Grove City, Florida and is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:15am – 11:15am.  Recipients are asked to show an ID to verify their address.  In addition to nonperishable foods, we typically have available  bread, meat, and personal hygiene products. Each box of food contains a variety of foods that can be prepared into healthy meals. Families can visit the Food Pantry twice per month.  SFOA parishioners donate some food, local grocery stores donate food and some food is purchased locally.  Our volunteers sort and box the food each week. Our restock day is usually the first Monday morning of the month.