Parish News - What are WE doing about Church Safety?

What are WE Doing About Church Safety??



Dear Parishioners,

Today commences the three (3) month "Communication and Implementation" of our Church Safety Guidelines which are directed by our Bishop of the Diocese of Venice (click here to read the letter from our Bishop).

In collaboration with the Parish Pastoral Council, I have established a Parish Safety Team of eight (8) Lay Leaders who are assisting in this effort.  This initial presentation during October includes the first nine (9) of the NINETEEN (19) Actions taken for your safety.  Together with the team, we will communicate and explain all nineteen steps over the months of October, November and December at weekend Mass, in the Church Bulletin and on the Church Website.  Your understanding, patience and cooperation are vital.

Father Richard York, Pastor

The first nine Actions that are completed:

  1. The appointment of the Church Safety Team (8 members)
  2. Undergo a Safety Assessment & Training conducted by DOV and Life Safety Solutions, August 17, 2019
  3. Reorganization and Preparation of the Ministry of Hospitality (MOH) and Safety Usher Ministry (SUM)
  4. Food donation collection moved to the Environment Room
  5. Handicap Seating adjustments now comply with Evacuations
  6. New Property Signage -- both Directional and Informational
  7. Lighting - Exterior lights installed at all four corners of the campus
  8. Religious Education Children have a Sheriff Deputy present on Tuesdays
  9. Controlled Access - Church doors are locked at the Alleluia - except Main Entrance with a Courtesy Sign hung on each door for latecomers.  Anyone who MUST leave before the Blessing, MUST leave by the Main Door