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It has been estimated that roughly 363,000 people use hard drugs like cocaine and heroin, and another 1,009,000 abuse alcohol in Florida every year. In addition, over 20% of all admissions into state-funded treatment programs in 2015 were because of opiates, which is more than twice as high as the national average. As a consequence, 12% of all deaths in Florida in the last 10 years were due to drugs and alcohol, and there were over 35,000 DUI arrests in 2016 alone.

This guide was written to help the many Floridians who are struggling with addiction find affordable treatment that will put them on the path to recovery, and inform the general public about the dangers of substance abuse in the state.

If you need help finding a treatment center, you can use our directory to find low-cost, quality treatment right away. Read on to find instructions for using it, and to learn which rehabs qualify as the highest rated, low-cost facilities in the state.