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Prayer Intention Request by Ed Hibler


Prayer Request for Ed Hibler

Hello, I just turned 64 this week and I am still recovering from a very bad year. On the 28 of January, I was in surgery for the last time and last. I broke my hip because of careless driving by one of the neighbors and I was left with a broken hip that was operated on. Then it became infected and I had a total of four operations. I was close to septic the third time they operated on me. I have my hip back and I am still recovering it seems so slow at times it’s depressing. I pray for God’s help in healing. I would appreciate it very much if with my birthday just being past you and the family of St. Francis would pray for my continued healing. I am a gardener by trade I try to make this world of God’s a beautiful place to live in. My aunt also said St.Francis was my patron Saint. I am good with animals but the true gift God gave me was planting and working the soil of this world. I really want to get better so I can continue to make others happy. Nothing makes me happy than when I can give away something I have grown and see the smile on people's faces. Thank you.

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