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Prayer Intention Request by Colleen Schilinski-Beveridge


Prayer Request for Colleen Schilinski-Beveridge

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I live on the other side of Placida Rd from you !! Could you pray for me, please - Hurricane Ian destroyed my home. Two weeks before that, we were told my husband needed hospice care. My husband would not leave our destroyed home, so neighbors got together and built a shack attached to the laundry room that we lived in. FEMA brought us in a trailer since we owned the property in January. My husband was getting worse by the day. His oncologist told us it was a very aggressive cancer that he had, non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I did my best to salvage what I could, but taking care of my husband was my priority! I lost my husband in this FEMA trailer on May 21st of this year. He passed away in my arms, and I still cry when I talk about him.

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