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Prayer Intention Request by Penny Fleming


Prayer Request for "SFOA Women's Bible Study Group"

Dear Lord, You walk beside them, each moment of each day. You know them by name and see each joy and sorrow. You created within them a gentle capacity to love and nurture. You gave them understanding and patience in a troubled world. You laid upon them the responsibility to carry and care for new life. You released them to run and dance, to sing and create. You crafted in them sharp minds that are able to solve problems and see possibilities. You desire each of them to live life to the fullest, embracing your love for them and extending that grace to others. You gave your life so that we all could walk free to build your kingdom on earth as in heaven. We lay our lives before you and trust in your unfailing love. Guide us, heal us, touch us, and lead us to reflect more and more of our life within our own. Amen.

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