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Prayer Intention Request by Randi Frazer


Prayer Request for My Family

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Please pray for my family I was hoping to get a rosary for myself and a warm hat for my mom. I feel so lost and stuck in my grief for my baby boy, I wish I'd done more to help him. John Henry passed away in May then my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. It's been tough for sure if I didn't have the mustard seed of faith I do have I don't know. Our family is falling apart since grandpa passed. My uncle lives close to my mom but can't help much he also has health issues, and my own keeps me from traveling much, but I do visit and help all I can. John's dad's side didn't celebrate my son's life in any way, but I do all I can to honor him daily. They won't tell us what happened, but from the conversations I did have with my son I think it was drugs or suicide they had him cremated and I'm scared to ask for any. I made an embroidery thread bracelet with his favorite colors blue and black. I wear it daily. I made his dad and all that family one as well. I made my side and his sister Alexis Krista and brother Sean Kyle all one to make him feel closer to us. God is good. He keeps me clean and sober through all the storms. He cares for my momma and me. The chemo is making her lose her hair, and she is very sick. Thank you, you all are in our prayers as well. God bless you all.

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