PLM - Readers

Readers proclaim the word of the Lord.  The Reader Ministry makes a truly satisfying and meaningful contribution to Eucharistic celebrations at Saint Francis of Assisi Church.

St. Benedict says in his Rule: “They should not presume to read who by mere chance take up the book . . . Only those are to discharge these duties who can do so to the edification of the hearers.”  When one answers the call to be a minister of the word, one enters a deeper relationship with the word of God as revealed in sacred scriptures.  The Reader takes upon themselves the duty and privilege of bringing the printed word to life—making it flesh.  The ministry as a Reader gives voice to God’s healing and challenging words as it goes forth irrevocably to the ends of the earth, achieving the purpose for which God sent it.  In a very real sense, the Reader becomes a prophet—one who speaks for God.

A Reader is expected to attend coaching sessions, pre-read and prepare reading(s), learn the proper pronunciation of unfamiliar words, and read at a pace that encourages thoughtful reflection of the Word and it’s meaning as it relates to our contemporary lives.

If anyone would like to take advantage of the spiritual benefits offered by the acceptance of the duties of the Readers, please contact Pat Lawson via email at [email protected] or by phone at (518) 423-0118 or completing the Volunteer Information Request Form below.