PCM - Confirmation Prep



January 25, 2021
Dear Parents or Guardians and Families,
Bishop Frank J. Dewane will administer the holy Sacrament of Confirmation at Saint Francis of Assisi Church on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at our 4:30pm Mass. We will celebrate a very significant moment in the life of our parish youth and adults. Bishop Frank J. Dewane will confirm 5 young people and 2 adults of our parish. This Sacrament of Confirmation completes what was begun at Baptism. It is a sign of hope for us that these youth and adults are willing to profess the faith we share and accept the sealing and strengthening of the Holy Spirit, to help them in their journey of faith. It has been a true joy to see them grow in the faith the past couple of years. We celebrate their decision to be fully initiated Catholic Christians. The Sacrament of Confirmation is a Sacrament of Initiation not graduation. As we adults know, we are never “done” growing in our faith and spiritual understanding. God is not done with us yet.
Congratulations to our Youth and Adults being confirmed!!
  • Madison “Margaret Mary Alacoque” Bishop
  • Alexander “Vincent de Paul” Fec
  • Lily “Kateri Tekakwitha” Maglio
  • Kerri “Rose” Matson,
  • John “Michael” Porter
  • Ann “Theresa” Biddle
  • Daniel “James the Greater” Nuzzi

In addition, our parish is blessed to have a good dedicated Confirmation preparation team! 

May God touch the hearts of these students and inspire them to lead good Catholic lives.
Sincerely in the Lord,
Jim Brantner
Director for Religious Education