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The Parish relies on the generosity of the parishioners to allow for financial stability.  
The Parish has two current needs, which we are fundraising for.
1.)  The Roof Fund.  Our roofs were damaged during Hurricane Ian.  Total insurance claim for damages to our property (Church, Parish Center, and Rectory) due to Hurricane Ian and including recommended improvements .... $1.6M

  • Associated costs to the Parish exceeding the insurance claim:  insurance deductible ($300K), upgrade cost to Parish to replace tile roof with 24-gauge metal roof ($400K), and land clearing ($56K).  Total cost to the Parish - $700K

2.)  Catholic Faith Appeal (CFA).  Due to Hurricane Ian, the Diocese of Venice has decreased our CFA amount from $263K to $182K to help defray some of the expenses due to the Hurricane.


Roof Fund


Our community was greatly impacted by Hurricane Ian. We are currently serving members of our parish, as well as members of our community, in the rebuilding effort. Unlike many other hurricanes that have impacted our area, this hurricane has damaged nearly every street and nearly every home in some way. From completely missing roofs to flooded homes, the damage that some of our parishioners and community have faced is catastrophic. 

We ask for your generosity in helping provide the funds for this important project.

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Catholic Faith Appeal (CFA)


“Let us not grow tired of doing good, for in due time we shall reap our harvest.” (Gal 6:9)

The Catholic Faith Appeal (CFA) provides an invitation to respond to this call by giving of our resources to help others. In addition, the CFA serves as an opportunity to share in the good works taking place every day throughout the Diocese of Venice.

Your gift demonstrates a commitment to Catholic education, faith formation, the life of the unborn, and so much more. Further, the CFA supports our brothers and sisters who may be elderly, homeless, in frail health, or simply have nowhere else to turn.

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