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Like Martha of Bethany, Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Women's Guild is called to work hard to serve others. We have the hands of Martha and her sister Mary's contemplative heart.

Where would Saint Francis be without its Martha's?  Our faithful ladies who perform hospitality and service tasks are vital to making our church a welcoming and well-functioning community!  Won't you join us?

We work with the Pastor through service to all church members while building a spiritual and social life for the members of our Guild.

  • Funeral Masses for deceased members.

  • Monthly Memorial Mass for living and deceased members.

  • Fundraising events for the needs of our Parish and a variety of charities such as:

    • FISH - Provides free transportation for the elderly to medical appointments.

    • SOLVE Maternity Home - A Christ-centered residential maternity home providing free housing to at-risk pregnant women and their babies.

    • Englewood Meals on Wheels - Serves all applicants who are home-bound.

    • Higher Education Grants - For any high school or college student who is an "active" member of our parish with a grade point average of 2.5-3.5.

  • Hosting monthly card party first Wednesday of the month, in the months of September through May, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. All details are posted in the weekly Church bulletin, electronic newsletter, and on our Parish Website. Twelve dollars ($12.00) to play. Women's Guild volunteers to serve and prepare food.

  • The Parish Women's Guild "Thrifty Treasures & Boutique" is held in October and February.  Watch for details in the weekly Church bulletin, electronic newsletters, and our Parish Website.  PWG members volunteer to sort and price items.

  • Funeral Ministry - we prepare and serve food when requested for any deceased member of our Parish.

  • Monthly Meetings - Join for $10.00 per year.  September through May, the second Wednesday of each month, we come together after Mass to share a continental breakfast and enjoy each other's company. Opportunity to volunteer and become a new member. Watch for details in the weekly Church bulletin, electronic newsletters, and our Parish Website.

  • Annual Luncheon in May. Lovely off-site luncheon paid for by the Women's Guild.

  • Parish Picnic in November. We all pitch in to make it a fun time with lots of good food.

  • Membership Christmas Party in December. We all bring a favorite dish to pass.


We promote spiritual growth within the Guild through speakers, Days of Recollection, and our dedication to the Blessed Mother of God.  Please join and become part of our family of Martha's.  Volunteers and we'll put you to work! 

Contact Gerry Chesney to find out more information about becoming a member of the Parish Women's Guild.

Monthly Card Party

The Women’s Guild of Saint Francis Church hosts a monthly card party from September through May on the first Wednesday of the month.  The card parties start at 11:00 AM and end at 2:30 PM. You must make your reservations no later than the Monday before. The cost is $12.00 per person and includes lunch, card play, and door prizes. Please join us.

CLICK HERE to make a reservation for the next card party.

For more information about PWG Card Parties, contact Jeanne Young.

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Website PWG Christmas Raffle.png

Christmas Raffle

Each year before Christmas, the Parish Women's Guild send out raffle tickets for parishioners to purchase.  At the December PWG meeting, winners are selected and announced.  This fundraiser helps the many charities that the PWG sponsors.

For more information about PWG Christmas Raffle, contact Kathy Lazine.

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Funeral Brunches

After most funerals, it’s customary to have a reception or meal. During this time, family and friends gather to share food, fellowship and memories of the person who has died. It’s an important step in the grieving process because it allows people to connect and begin to heal. Our PWG Funeral Brunch group provides a wonderful brunch for the family.

For more information about PWG Brunch for Funerals, contact Beth Hammond.

Higher Education Grants

The Parish Women’s Guild of Saint Francis of Assisi Church created Grants where high-school-aged members of the Parish could apply for funds going towards higher education.  These Grants were created in June 2009.  Students from Saint Francis can apply for grants based on their faith and values.


For more information about PWG Higher Education Grants, contact Maureen Rideout.

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Parish Picnic

PWG members plan, prepare, and work the annual Parish Picnic. The Parish Picnic is held on a Sunday afternoon in late October or early November.   All parishioners are invited!

For more information about PWG Parish Picnic, contact Gerry Chesney

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Soup Suppers

Lenten Soup Suppers are hosted each Monday evening during Lent.  The Soup Suppers have been a long standing community and family friendly event during the Lenten Season. Each week a selected ministry of Saint Francis of Assisi along with the Parish Women's Group hosts the Soup Supper.  It is a labor of love, as each ministry prepares and serves their special recipe.  After soup, the Parish is invited to attend the Stations of the Cross devotion in the Church.

For more information about PWG Soup Suppers, contact Jackie Williams.

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Women's Tea

The Parish Women's Guild hosts several "teas" for their members.  A theme is developed for each tea.  The tea's are part of the general meetings and begins with Mass in the Church.  

For more information about the PWG Tea, contact Dolores Tretheway-Coppla.

Thrifty Treasures Sale

The Parish Women's Guild Thrifty Treasures & Boutique Rummage Sale has been a tradition for many years at Saint Francis of Assisi Church.  Twice a year, late February and October we host this wonderful event.  Proceeds from the sale provide for the needs of our Parish, Guild grants and local charities.

For more information about the PWG Thrifty Treasure Rummage Sale, contact Kathy Altenburg.

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Volunteer Appreciation Brunch

Each year we show our appreciation to all of our volunteers within all of the ministries of the Parish with a Volunteer Appreciation Brunch.  The Parish Women's Guild hosts this event each year.  

For more information about the PWG Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon contact Kristy Parent.

website PWG volunteer appreciation brunc
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“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will repay him for his deed.” 
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